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Stephen Hawking on the twenty-fifth day of unforgettable on page 77 – 2013/08/77

On Tuesday, January 8, Stephen Hawking celebrated his 77th anniversary of the famous theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and English writer, when he died on March 13, 1942.

playing One of the ten smartest people in this planet, IQ of 160, by author A short history of time He taught at the University of Cambridge, between 1979 and 2009, who taught the same Mathematics Chair in Isaac Newton.

The most important work also contributed to Roger Penrose, about theorems In the field of general relativity, spatiotemporal peculiarities, and the theoretical prediction that emits radiation from black holes, now known as Hawking Radiation.

Among his reflections, here are twenty thoughts that can summarize the view of the world and the universe and its sense of humor.

– "Monkeys are just an advanced race on a planet with a smaller star. But we understand the universe. That is very unique. "

– "It is the ability to adapt to mental changes".

– "There is no single image of reality".

Stephen Hawking (AP / Archive Bugler).

Stephen Hawking (AP / Archive Bugler).

– "I think that extraterrestrial life is quite commonplace in the universe, although it is not intelligent life, some people still have to appear on the planet."

– "If you understand the universe, you control it somehow."

– "Nobody can face an idea disabled abilities".

Stephen Hawking Funeral, Cambridge, Great Britain, March 31, 2018 (Reuters / Archive Clarín).

Stephen Hawking Funeral, Cambridge, Great Britain, March 31, 2018 (Reuters / Archive Clarín).

– "Although it is September 11 [de 2001] It was horrible, it did not endanger the survival of humans, like nuclear weapons".

– "In the past, as in the future, it is not specified and only exists as an opportunity domain".

"Life would be tragic, if not funny".

– "I think that the simplest reason is that God is not one, no one has created the universe and no one directs our destiny." This does not know what will happen after the death of heaven or alive. We appreciate life's greatness in the universe and I appreciate it deeply. "

– "I noticed that everything that people say is predestined and we can not change our destiny before going through the street on both sides."

– "The brain is like a computer that is working when the component fails." Paradise or life does not stop for computers that remain. people who are afraid of darkness".

– "We have been waiting for the death of 49 years, I do not fear to die, but I'm not in a hurry." (In the British diary conversation The Guardian, May 2011).

– "The cross of my dreamer I can not go anywhere without the recognition, there is not enough dark glasses and a wig. It gives me a wheelchair outside"(Israeli television interview, 2006).

Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking.

– "The basic difference of religion is based on authority, based on science, observation and reason, because it works because it will gain science". (Interview with the American chain ABC, June 2010).

The science laws that explain the functioning of the universe "do not leave a lot of room for wonders or God" (…) "science increasingly demands more questions in the religion domain" (…) there "The final answer to how the universe began soon". (September 2008 in Santiago de Compostela).

– "It is important for the human species to spread to space to maintain the species's survival". There is a greater risk of escaping the Earth's life from disaster. (University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, June 2006).

– About euthanasia: "The victim should have the right to end his life, if he wants to, but I think it would be a great mistake, life seems to always be something that can be done and it can be successful. Life is hope." (Digital version People's Day, June 2006).

– Money and wealth: "Like people with disabilities, the way to look after themselves and work is crucial, it is not necessary to acquire property. I do not know what to do with a race or a Ferrari, even though they could be paid for. "

– "If we visit some foreigners one day, I think the result will be the result of Christopher Columbus's arrival in America, which means that the locals are not completely positive." (Documentary Within the universe, The Discovery Channel, 2010).

Sources: EuropaPress, AFP and EFE.

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