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Steven Spielberg, the man behind the defeat of "Roma" at the Oscar

Rome He was the favorite in the Oscars, His ten nominations supported her and during the show the forecasts seemed to come true: the Best Foreigner Film, Best Director and Best Photography Award was won.

But the climax of the show was disappointing for those who supported the film: Green Book defeated a Rome in the Best Movie category.

Spike Lee could not believe it And in social networks thousands of users showed their surprise and anger for the triumph of the movie starring Viggo Mortensen.

According to information published by El País, behind the defeat of Rome would be filmmaker Steven Spielberg, detractor of the Netflix tapes.

According to that version, Spielberg took advantage of the great power he has in Hollywood to campaign for Green Book, what was ultimately reflected in the triumph of that tape.

Spielberg became a great defender of the tape who narrated the history of the trip to the deep South of the USA that in 1960 did the pianist Don Shirley and the bodyguard Tony Vallelonga.

Peter Farrelly, director of Green Book, revealed that Spielberg helped the tape get a dealer And Sunday at the Oscars, the filmmaker thanked Steven in his speech.

The triumph of Green Book "It was a bucket of cold water" in the place where Netflix was preparing his party after the Oscar. According to El País, the present ones hoped that Alfonso Cuarón would take the main prize of the night.

But, according to this version, Spielberg did not want a tape produced by Netflix to win at the Oscars.

And is that the director of Schindler's list He declared in March 2018 that The movies on the streaming platform do not deserve to obtain the main Hollywood award.

"Once you commit yourself to a television format, you are a television movie. Certainly, If it's a good show, you deserve an Emmy, but not an Oscar. I do not think films that are only given symbolic ratings in a couple of cinemas for less than a week should qualify for the Academy Award nomination, "said US director ITV News.

The controversy over Netflix tapes is not new. The Cannes Festival imposed a rule so that films that enter into competition must have not only a premiere at any cinema but also a distribution.

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