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Success Rover encompasses an incredibly bright Mars-like object

Martian rock, a mellow and reflective rock, has received attention from NASA scientists, driven by the curiosity of a vehicle. This week, when the spectacular InSight Probe was spectacular, it was carefully understood that curiosity was left out, analyzing the 2012 Red Planet.

InSight, NASA's six-wheeled vehicle is working on Vera Rubin Ridge, studying the Highfield camp, the only part of the gray border.

It was a great success at the Highfield drill site, but the mission of the NASA missionary wanted to take a look at four-found rocks, and it seems like at least one black-and-white piece of gold.

Own suspicions rock, Little Colonsay, is a meteorite, but NASA scientists probably do not know how to make chemical tests. Through a camera, spectrograph and laser ChemCam appliance supplies a chemical laboratory.

It's not surprising that Kururism can stumble on a meteorite. The adventurers have made several trips along these trips, including a large 2015 meteorite meteorite and a glittering iron nickel meteorite next year.

Curiosity's other interesting objects have a great look, a smooth and sturdy object, a plastic wrap from a vehicle and a perfect look. Natural geological process called specification.

Perhaps the most bizarre event occurred in 2013, when wisdom saw a rogue that seemed similar to a squirrel – a classic example of the couple, faces, animals or everyday objects are optical illusions.

Anyhoo, The Curiosity rover has also investigated the rock called Flanders Moss, due to its dark color coverage. Again, NASA will not know more about this object, until the Drafts looks at the sample after drilling. The other two rocks, Forres and Eidon, will also be investigating the valleys of Higher Education.

Sadly, of course, Mars is the only mobile soldier today. His compatriot, Opportunity Rover, has been curator of a stormy storm as a hibernation, a sleeping wake up. NASA does not express the mission of the mission, but we should know more about the situation next year for the next year.


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