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Sugar: properties, advantages and their nutritional value

The discussion is over. du sugar white or sucrose, it is traditionally used to enjoy beverages and food, especially in confectionery. Most commonly consumed, especially sugar cane, and the growing alternatives give flavor to the king.

However, this substance is naturally found in almost all foods, but it is not the same type, it is not refined. In this way, the sugars are distributed between free-as-white-and intrinsic-seconds.

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However, White sugar or table sugar, to add food and make candy, is a food related to excess weight. That is to say, because it contains calories, that is, it does not have a nutrient type. For this reason, WHO recommends that consumption "reduce calorie intake to less than 10% of the total intake".

In this way, although food and recipes can be easier to consume and help, their consumption must always be carried out in moderation and diet, according to La Vanguardia website.

Food value (100 grams):

Calories: 399 kcal

Carbohydrates: 99.8 gr

Fat: 0 gr

Proteins: 0 gr

Fiber: 0 gr


Sugar consumption is always needed to be moderated, because excessive consumption causes problems with excess weight and dental disintegration. However, this nutrient has a series of properties that can help to ensure that the body is so absorbed. This means that it is a fast source for the brain, muscles and nervous system energy.

In this way, our body creates a feeling of well-being that consumes sugar. It also has a delicious flavor with other nutrients that are offered by many nutrients, such as milk.

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