Thursday , February 9 2023

Sun has found "twins" and they think it could be another Earth's planet – AIM Digitala


The stars are hardly ever born. In the group, they can be thousands of members, in which case 85% are twins: like other stars, at the same time, and giant clouds formed by identical materials. wind and gas known as "cold star".

A year later, a group of astronomers discovered "Twin of the Sun", the 186302 star 184 light years had the same chemical composition as Earth's Earth and was born from the same cloud of gas and dust. the birth of our star

His discovery was described in the Astronomy and Astrophysics magazine by the Portuguese Institute of Astrophysics, Vardan Adibekyan.

The astronomers have achieved twin birthdays, said Ansa Agencia Isabella Pagano, National Astrophysics Institute (Inaf) Catania, Sicily.

For example, it was revealed: "The sun does not have a single bikini, but it can help them to understand each other and as a whole to understand where the galaxy was and what was the condition."

The researchers analyzed 20,000 stars of the European Satellite Agencies Satellite (ESA) satellites and similar to the Sun. And among them, the HD 186302 was the dimension, the temperature, the composition, the brightness and the way it moves in space.

This star seems to be 4 million years old, but researchers admit that "other studies are needed to improve age calculations."

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