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Super sensitive! Meeting between a stolen dog and the owner

January 12, 2019

The masks disappeared in Mar del Plata 2012 It was discovered in Caseros, and the owner received a Facebook note.

Seven years ago, Chornyk it was stolen Mar del Plata, the city that lived next to it family. From that moment on, the members began campaign He was looking for her, and gathering was moving.

Your owner, Carolina SpinediHe said that robbery It happened in 2012 in the streets 3 and 24 the neighborhood "Cliffs"At that time, witnesses In fact, they saw a group of women seen animal one go.

Unfortunate after the family, written Merry Christmas with images Alaskan Malamute and he created it page of Facebook – "All by United by Chornyk"- Although the news has not received the latest news whoreSpinedi never dropped their arms.

"It has been a relative of the dead since time immemorial, which is why they are so sentimental for my whole family"She explains Carolina. She added:"It's just like a dog when you're told by a dog, when you talk like a baby, when something cries, when you smile when you're happy. But nobody knows what you feel, they're always dogs".

Without a doubt, Malamute returned to his office Start. Through a publication Facebook, one neighbors from the city center Start -Alejandra Martí-shared a photo pet and explained that he had found the door supermarket. Immediately, the information Carolina was birming and coming.

From Mar del Plata he traveled to Caseros to find the dog DeliaHis grandmother was the man, and he joined him January 5th.

The discovery has materialized social networks, his owners did not doubt how to share meeting through Facebook, and they thanked Alejandra, Chorny found the women: "Millions of thanksgiving for all. Thank you for crossing your path … Keeping, looking after, and passing everything. We will never forget it. Without this it would not be possible".

He later lost his 10-year-old dog

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