Monday , June 5 2023

Superfinal: Conmebol's failure to determine that the attack on the microphone was not the same as pepper gas


"It was the same". "It was different". These two sentences were heard millions and millions from Saturday until now. The fans of the River argued that the match against Boca micro in the last Copa Libertadores match with Bombonera pepper spray in 2015, this violence and role played by Xeneize's supporters.

But the debate was over. Conmebol Disciplinary Court (Amarilis Belisario Venezuelan, formed by Paraguayan Eduardo Gross Brown and Chile's Cristobal Valdés) Do not think that there were two similar events, and this is stated in the ruling.

3.9 for defense In the paragraph, the Court stated that "the incident was outside the security ring created around the stadium, 700 meters, reasonable Club Atlético River Plate out of control area. The club can not limit activity or prevent people's movement or search outside of this perimeter. "

In addition, security agencies accused him of "Events outside the security ring The offense was due to negligenceAll the necessary mechanisms for ensuring security are not arbitrated. In fact, the court's attitude confirms the resignation of Martín Ocampo from the security operation. "

To clarify his position, the Court explained why it would not be possible to compare the stones of the Monumental with the pepper pepper to Bombonera: "The events that happened were completely different, considering that the case of Pepper gas 2015 was not only within the stadium, but the players' players entered the field when it started again at the second level, which is the biggest reduction. The acts of violence are justifiable according to any criteria, but the Court can not apply this jurisprudence because they understand that they are diametrically different. "

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