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Superfinance, deferred: a senseless meeting awaiting trial against the river


We do not lose sight: Although Conmebol's pressures are defined in the area under pressure, Boca's presentation, reality that is responsible for micro-events is a reality and must be determined in a timely manner. Tomorrow's meeting will be held at the Paragon Conmebol headquarters, if there is no respect.

The Conmebol Disciplinary Court has the future of the Liberation Superfinal. A jury made up of five members, four of whom vote can be an Argentinean, The claim raised by Boca has to be considered Then attack before Monumental and determine the age of waiting.

Paragraphs 2 of article 8 of the regulations "They are in charge of security and demand both inside and outside the stadiumbefore and after the post or after the game. "" This liability is extended to all events that may occur to any nature, that is why disciplinary punishment and the instructions and instructions adopted by the judicial bodies. "

Boca's presentation is clear and the river has attacked its players.

Additionally, in the presentation of Conmebol, the Xeneize Club has launched Article 18, which establishes penalties imposed by clubs that break this rule.

Tomorrow, Daniel Angelici, Rodolfo D & D. Onofrio and Alejandro Domínguez (President of the Conmebol) in Asuncion, Paraguay, will not be eligible for a new Superclassic data. Millionaire group penalties. Xeneize has gone all since They finally want to win Saturday on the attack on school.

The Interdisciplinary Court consists of five people, but at the end of the day, four are able to vote. Argentine Diego Carlos Hernán Pirota and close relationship with Boca, can not participate.

Thus, four are available, There will be three draws for the final resolution. The judge's chairman, Eduardo Gross Brown, is a Paraguayan lawyer with Conmebol's experience, and in 2015, Boca's elimination took place in the case of "pepper spray".

The Venezuelan lawyer will meet Amarilis Belisario, Brazilian Antonio Carlos Meccia and Cristóbal Valdés from Chile. For the last two years he joined Conmebol.

They talk about the treachery of Riveran

The conflict between the two clubs, together with Conmebol, reached the highest levels, when a fight broke out in the last hours. Nobody wants to get rid of a centimeter.

River knows a complex and uncertain scenario. The presentation of the Boca report, after the attack of the river sanctions, after attacking the players' micro-hands, was handed over by millions of leaders and the president took a calm and, to some extent, had to press for complete normalization.

In preparation statements, Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio was very clear, according to the party "Will play with the people of the river and the people" and it was categorical: "That's definitely". The President of the Millionaire has stressed that they were always united in solidarity with the armed group and that they always gave priority to the sporting benefits they had made.

In the hypothetical case of Boca, Millionaire's boss blushed: "If that happens, the absolute and absolute shame will be; One of the greatest betrayals What can someone do? "

"We sign the papersThe next day we reached an agreement to play, and later a presentation appeared asking for a match. How would you feel "He said in a conversation I must say

Boca meets the regulation

Daniel Angelici spoke after the break of the Libertadores Supercup final and was able to face the attack. Boca's president questioned the group's participation and the Konmebol Disciplinary Court "gave formal responsibility" to the club's orders. Clean passage: it wants to enforce the regulation.

The leader also said "he believes that the convention has won in court," but Boca said "will be the best in the club." There is another clear signal after the river has been punished.

And, with his change of position, he explained: "I owe it to Boca fan, I am convinced that matches have been won and have been lost in court, I often think personally, I hope the review of the Court Conmebol's Discipline and the response file."

The 2015 episode of the pepper compares with Xeneize last Saturday: the players were attacked by Riveron Bombon and, for the second time, they did not play. The Millionaire who claimed Konmebol and Boca was expelled from the competition.

It seems that the fight will last, and the last between Boca and Boca could be the longest in the world.

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