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Superfinar scandal: Delayed River-Boca match 18 – 24/11/2018


The great experience was the most frightening one. Everything is overflowing. Even if the Superfinal security operation was promoted, it would not prevent serious events, both inside and outside the field.

"Due to the events that took place at the Boca Juniors club bus, the game was delayed for 18 years", Conmebol has reported on his Twitter official account.

The unknown spreads, though the picture is dark.

After Boca, River and Conmebol reported that they did not play the game: Pablo Pérez, team captain and Gonzalo Lamardo, with the help of the teamThey were taken to hospital to be treated.

Everything means that Conmebol wants to play later, Superfinal would not play today.

Desmadre was the epicenter when the micro Boca al Monumental campus arrived. From that moment on, about 15.20, less than two hours before the end of the day, everything was chaos, disorganization and unanswered questions.

When he entered the stadium, a group of rivers fluttered stones against the micro-visitors. The area was freed, there was no control of the area surrounding the Police Monumental. Or it was not, but they were not effective. And they came to the environment late.

Scattering sessions were worse than the illness. The police threw tear gas and everything got worse. Combo brought an impressive image: Boca joined the injured team broken glass splinters and gases with breathing difficulties.

The Superfinal then risked it.

The windows were broken; The driver fell down the unconscious and many players were significantly damaged.

Six players vomited and drew the costumes in the theater: Carlos Tevez, Fernando Gago, Julio Buffarini, Agustín Almendra, Nahitán Nandez and Darío Benedetto.

The most affected Pablo Pérez was cut on his arm and the rays had no effect.

The club's secretary general, Christian Gribaudo, made a serious diagnosis of the situation: "The players are injured, so you can not play." César Martucci, former Secretary General of Boca and today's leader, warned Konmebol doctors They had to check the players.

The inner ring of the monumental field was transformed into an ancient hill. Headwear dressed in one another. Reported conflicting versions circulate. And there was no obvious feeling of playing at the stadium.

Meanwhile, thousands of enthusiasts who had not gotten in the street began to create disturbances and acted in front of the police.

Within the monumental area, Rodolfo D, the president of the Onofrio River, attended the Boca Park. In addition, Alejandro Domínguez, President of Conmebol and Claudio Tapia, President of the AFA were the meetings.

At the age of 16, before the scheduled time, Boca players took part in the corridors to take decisions to make the five doctors of Conmebol join Angelic and D & # 39; Onofrio.

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