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Superliga will keep the downward average and return short races

Last week, the AFA has determined that the average of the fall will go to the next season for tournaments. That is, the rises. But Superliga He chose the reverse and wanted to keep the First Division captain.

At the meeting of the Executive Committee, the SuperLiga has confirmed the category of which it loses its use, Since 1983, as it happens in our country.

Additionally, the group of visitors (when authorized) It will keep 20% of the purity of your sales for your lovers

And that was another important measure The 2019-2020 season championship contest was discussed, with 24 clubs already. At the next meeting, the projects are presented for the approval of the format of formats over the two periods, to open and close.

In our country, The averages were first established in 1957, and as he did not believe in 1983. In 1956 and 1957 these points were added and two (instead of playing games instead), a coefficient specified by Ferro was distributed.

In 1958 a year later it was added, and three were, and Tigre had to be the first (left behind). It lasted until 1963 and was the B of Córdoba (1959), Newell's (1960), Lanús and Los Andes (1961) and Ferro and Quilmes (1962). In 1963, this measure was suspended.

But after 20 years (Metropolitan 1983), they were the same level to determine whether the groups would lose their category, We've been in this season for 36 years.

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