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Supermassive Black Hole in our Galaxy has told us directly about Jet Relativity

Things are getting exciting. Sagittarius A *, supermassive black holes, in the center of the Milky Way, has created a new science and includes secrets full of galaxy dust.

Bottom image Sgr A * you still do not have the best image (do not worry, the event is horizontally more than the telescope), and as if it were just a curious curious illusion, the astrophysicists surveyed by radio data are studying a lot, and they think that the relative ground-conductive jet .

The image of the region is still the highest resolution – as the previous improvement was – investigators determined the lighting features around the black hole in the cloud.

"The central part of the Galactic is a matter of black holes, it works like glass seats," said Eduard Ros, astrophysicist at Radio Astronomy Institute Max Planck Institute in Germany New scientist.

Using interferometric interference to a 3.5 mm wavelength (86 GHz frequency) observation, a team of astronomers has used computer modeling to simulate a black holes plasma, dust, and gas cloud.

blackhole vlbi 35mm(S. Issaoun, M. Mościbrodzka, Radboud University / M. Johnson, CfA)

Above all: The figure on the bottom right is shown in Sgr A * as shown in the data. The above images are simulations, when the lower left is Sgr A * scattered.

Sgr A * thought that radio broadcasts came from a smaller region.

Mostly the night sky level is over 300 million, with a symmetrical shape. And, because black holes do not emit radiation detectors, the source is one of two things.

"This may mean that radio broadcasting is generated on a gas infall drive through a radio jet," said Sara Issaoun, an astronaut at the Radboud University in the Netherlands.

"However, Sgr A * would be excluded compared to other radio broadcasts that emit black holes, which is a radio jet with almost identifying us."

Active black holes surround a cloud of material until the water drains. As it is swallowed by black holes, the particles start at the speed of the feeds starting at the speed.

We do not know how that happens, but astronomers believe that the internal accretion disk materials are driven and launched by the magnetic fields.

Since it is a galactic planet on the planet, having a jet in the direction would be oriented towards the direction of the black hole. (Centaurus A around the galaxy, for example, launches perpendicular plane on the planet).

But this orientation has been mentioned before. Last year, GRAVITY Partnership described how Sgr A * has been around since our approach to the solar system.

"Maybe this is true, after all," said Radboud University's astronomer Heino Falcke, "and this beast is a very special look."

Fortunately, when the Horizon Horizon Telescope releases the first picture of the Sgr A * event horizon – something we have just expected – they will explain more. And if you're worried, a 1,4 mm wavelength (230 GHz) light shine will be reduced by 8 factors.

This means that it will be a long wait for a long shadow of black holes, fortunately, to accurately determine.

Meanwhile, they help analyze these data to see how these mysterious cosmic objects work.

"Understanding how black holes work … it takes more than its shadow image (though it's incredible)," Issaunt wrote on Facebook. "Observations take place in different wavelengths (radios, X-rays, infrared, etc.) to complete the whole story, so each piece is counted!"

The role of the group has been published Astrophysical Journal, and you can read it in arXiv.

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