Monday , May 16 2022

Surprisingly, next week, the prices of nafts will be reduced


Next week, the price of fuel will be reduced by an average of 2% to 4%, depending on the type of naphtha.

Naphthas will have a 7% increase on Friday.
Naphthas will have a 7% increase on Friday.

The government talked about oil companies about this opportunity. The drop in international prices for oil barricade also stopped the anti-dollar weight.

In December, two taxes increase: carbon dioxide emission and Transferred Carbon. The first one is fixed and the second is adjusted to inflation. Until now, 23.8% of retail price has been weighed, but this fluctuation will be higher in the next week.

The fall in prices would be around 4%, as refineries make oil refineries 8% less service stations.

Some refineries have calculated this week that the drop in the price of the naft is about 3%. In fact, the strength of the dollar recovered in recent days against weight. However, other companies considered the Government to analyze the price against the US currency over the month.

"If the fall is due to the drop in the dollar, rising oil (33%) has never been reflected in the sector's prices. Malek can not lower it ever rising," he says, one of the sector's top oil industry consultants.

The Energy Secretariat informs the Ministry of the Treasury that YPF, Shell, Axion refiners are moving forward in the "competitiveness" table so that business officials and managers can discuss the costs of the sector. The authors believe that local margins exceed international margins and that local managers want to repeat it.

10% less in the price of the Navarrese: the new goal of the Government

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