Wednesday , January 26 2022

Sweeteners are not good for weight loss and health improvement


There is no convincing evidence to protect the benefits of breastfeeding with sugarand the potential harm is not excluded, according to the review of the research published in the journal. British Medical Journal.

Concerns about health and quality of life encouraged many healthy lifestyles to avoid foods that are rich in sugars, salts or salts. For this reason, instead of ordinary sugars, unfertled edible foods and drinks are becoming more and more people.

Although many sugary sweeteners have accepted their use, they may be less aware that possible benefits and daily intake are acceptable. The evidence is "often limited and conflicting", as stated by those responsible for the investigation.


To better understand this, a group of European researchers in the Hungarian, German and French countries have studied 56 studies that do not have any input or no sugar-free drink any adult entry and child health. They measured weight, controlled blood glucose, oral health, cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, humor and behavior. Studies were evaluated in evidence for rounding and certainty.

In general, The results show that most of the results show that there is no significant or clinically significant difference between the people who drink sugar-free drinks and the different doses of non-sugary sugar..


For example, suggested suggested adult outcomes for small studies The slight improvement in the body mass index and blood glucose level Sweetened with no sugar sweeteners, but the certainty of this evidence was small. There were lower levels of sugary sweeteners weight is slightly lower (-0.09 kilograms) more than intakes, but the certainty of this evidence was small.

For children, the body mass index has risen sharply with sugar-sweetener compared to sugar, but Unsatisfied drinks did not compare to weight. In addition, there was insufficient evidence of insulin sugar insoluble in overweight or obese adults or children who lose weight actively.

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