Wednesday , January 20 2021

Swimmer's ear: a life-threatening illness that affects us in the pool or at sea

Swim in the pool or in the pool is one of the favorite activities for kids in the summer, it's entertaining as well as the weather for the kids.

So fun is not beaten, it is advisable to pay attention when we go swimming, and one of the areas that need special attention is ears.

Eats and causes an infection that affects our ears. In fact, such common illnesses are familiar swimmer ear or otit bath.

It is officially called outer otitis and the medical encyclopedia of MedlinePlus is made up of an inflammation or infiltration of the outer ear outer canal and an infusion.

In this sense, Ignacio Cobeta Marco, an enrollee of Otorhinolaryngology at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid, explains in an interview with the EFE, a condition that causes "pseudomonas aeruginosa germ, which can be found in seawater". , etc. In addition, the moisture from the ear hood also promotes this type of infection. "

How can you know that? du symptoms Swimmer's ear can usually be presented

-Extreme Hawks yellow or smelly.
– When it's painful when it comes to cutting the ear.
– Ear and ear disease.
– A hearing loss.

If you begin to present these symptoms, you may consult the otolaryngologist physician to review and complete the necessary tests.

According to Cobeta Marco, this condition usually is treated with antibiotic drops (ciprofloxacin) and is constantly strained in the ear. Sometimes anti-inflammatories and analgesics can also be prescribed.

About the possible sequences of this disease, the doctor has clarified that "in general, external ophthalmic otitis does not have any effects in the medium or long term. However, diabetics should pay special attention to preventing this infection."

According to experts, as a measure to prevent this otitis, he recommends "not to stop the doubts about water quality, after immersion, in the ear that touches the tip of a towel."

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