Saturday , February 4 2023

Symptoms of hearing loss





If a social taboo is maintained, menopause, if it is naturally admitted, prevents some experimental and persistent changes … andropause – the analogical process of masculine version, stigma and refusal are even more evident. (Maybe this happens, unlike us, the production of sperm is not interrupted, so fertility continues).

The onset of osteoporosis indicates that the age of change is approximately 45 years after testosterone starts at a lower level of testosterone. Like menopause, it is part of the normal aging process.

Hormonal changes reduce some physiological functions to show some symptoms. Especially physical, but also its psychological correlation: low muscle mass, weight loss, hair loss, "hot", menopausal women, urinary problems, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, mood changes, etc. . However, all men will not have a full list. And there will be more than one harm.

Sometimes it is necessary to consult a specialized professional (an andrology) for the treatment of hormone replacement (severity of the symptoms, testosterone levels, depending on the risks of the climatic conditions), etc.).

Perhaps the greatest concern for men with lower hormonal production may have an effect on sexual function: we must not forget that the test is reduced to the "unwanted hormone" testosterone, which is a major refractor (ie: an exaculation is required to respond to a new sexual sexual stimulation the physiological time), the reduction or absence of rings in the morning, the reduction of emaculatory volume, the less lively orgasms. Once again: these effects do not occur together or in every male. (And, of course, the blue landscape of the blue pill has been changed).

On the other hand, the person's health status, habits, previous sexual models and life-style behavior are not minor. In this sense, we know that men and women quickly identify "pain and pains" (whatever type, not just sex). As if it were difficult, you will find a comfort zone that is "old", or at least to understand the environment, to be comfortable.

Fortunately, there are many other people who, in turn, make it possible to feel the humorous and humorous mood of elderly people. Certainly, of course, the young man always maintains his age regardless of age.

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