Saturday , May 8 2021

Talleres de Córdoba took advantage of an irregular departure from San Miguel in Salta

SALTA.- Cordelia Talleres scored a better finishing line and, therefore, won 2-1 in San Martin, this time to win the "Salta Cup". The game was played at the "Padre Ernesto Martearena" football field.

There were two games. In the first half, Walter Gastón Coyette's team did better things and, therefore, justified the difference. But everything changed in the last 45 minutes, the first part of the "Saints" match did not match the match. They took advantage of this "Tallarín" to get the victory in good time.

From the beginning, San Martin was the protagonist of the riot against an opponent with little bet. The Cordovan team did not win two games.

In 12 minutes, Alberto Costa showed the left foot. "Tino" with his free kick of the seal, he defected Guido Herrera in the left corner of the fence. The ball is out.

From that point on, Coyette's decision was made in a total "tallarín" field and merit took advantage of the score. After a corner called "Tino", Lucas Acevedo set a well-deserved advantage.

Admittedly, Adrián Arregui's content was won by the duo Pablo Guiñazú, cutting off the middle of the communication center of the Garden neighborhood.

In addition, another game was seen, as Talleres grew in his game, "Guiñazú's" Eternal ", he lost the hegemony of San Martin during the game.

Therefore, it was not surprising that Guiñazú, with the purpose of "other parties", set a justified justification for the minute execution.

This was an unexpected blow against the opponent of Tucuman during his match in the match. The situation finally decided that in the minute 37, he was the player Junior Arias, after the goalkeeper Jorge Carranza had not been determined, the fence was not determined. As with Superliga, San Martin showed two faces in the 90's.

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