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Tandil: Police arrested and arrested in the middle of a protest – 11/26/2018

in Tandil, The party of October 1, directed by Griselda Altamirano and Jorge Lezica, protested for work-related and planning protests, directed at ANSES and the Secretariat of Labor. "True work, decent wages and dismissal". Protests took him on a protestant Monday on an unusual scene urine and concern for the police.

How did all this conflict begin?

"We want to be a serious team, where they tell us that they will open up temporary emergency mitigation plans, but they will also work on the creation of useful craft production systems. We want to act on the national state, Tandil is a clear example of what is going on today with Metalúrgica, and we believe that the situation of the crisis is in charge. that is, living in the city and the region, "Altamirano said at the end of October 226.

One month later, on the 11th, the group started one day lock, at the entrance gate at the National Employment and Employment Secretariat and at the headquarters of the Anses region.

In this area, as reported Tandil Eco, A large staff of the Federal Police arrived at staff from 9 to 800 July, spared places and delays Two men and nine women.

"Eleven people were taken to the Federal Police in Maipura 600 and the place was fenced. Later, an important group of demonstrations of that group were gathered. He was cut off on Maipú and Fort Independencia and began to protest"Tandil's media reported.

This week was the scene in which the demonstrators, when they refused to release their friends, dropped their buckets and urinated with police officers. The video is delivered Tandil News.

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