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Taxes, tomorrow increases gasoline

This year, fuel prices have hardly increased. Except for the minimal contact at the beginning of February, December's decline, gasoline and diesel offsets crossed a steady summer.

However, the pumps will end the peace process, when the three month adjustment of the tax components is adjusted.

This increase will only affect the amount determined by the tax of liquid carbon (ex-ITC). Thus, at the sale price, "it would not mean more than one percent", Gabriel Bornoroni, President of the Fuel Bank of the Central Zone Fecac.

However, there is a detail (not minor): the rise in oil prices and the change in the dollar from February 5, when one year ago has been the only increase, may be more adjusted. The official list of calculations speaks between three and five hundred.

"Olea rose six hundred percent in February and the price of 38.10 pesos was 39.70. There is an increase, the two variables with the most effect on the price have changed," says Bornoroni. "Likewise, the Government will probably put a new price on biofuels. What we do not know is whether or not it's going to be added to or adding to fiscal components," he added.

The previous adjustments experience indicates what would be applied to the block, but the secrecy of oil companies (and in the negotiation of the Government) can not be confirmed. "In December, oil fell and taxes had to be adjusted. There was a slight downturn in prices. Now you have to see how to implement it," said leading company.

YPF, on Monday, does not know if there is a price adjustment.

ITC adjusts to the last fiscal reform (Law 27.430), adjusted for the first day of March, June, September and December of each year, according to the previous quarterly inflation rate. Afip is applied. In this case, the change in the consumer price index (CPI) in the fourth quarter of 2018, which is 11.7%, will be transferred between October and December.

The gasoline tax component is 8.38 days and diesel varieties are two, 5.50, according to Fecac data. If paperwork is applied to the calculated percentages, nine and six pesos would be needed, respectively. This, plus the impact of VAT and gross profit territory, puts a price per liter of weight in the case of naphthalene. The effect would be less on diesel.

However, this price will not be adjusted for the increase in oilseed rafts and the exchange rate for February.

Ecogas formalises the increase of requests

He will present his numbers at the public hearing in Salta.

$ 944. Ekogas requires a 39% increase in the component distribution, that is, the part of the company. If the order is successful, the average consumption, without taxes, will be an average monthly bill of 944 dollars.

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