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Teacher unions reject a new offer and classes in the province of Buenos Aires are in danger – 02/27/2017

The unions of the province of Buenos Aires approved the new salary proposal of Maria Eugenia Vidal on Wednesday, so the normal start of classes on March 6 was a serious risk.

New proposal for Buenos Aires authorities in the second meeting held in La Plata this year predicts an increase in inflation that is in line with inflation plus an additional 5% increase as a compensation for 2018. "We can do the most equitable and progressive proposal," said Minister of Economy Hernan Lacunza at a press conference.

The teachers say that this payment is 15%.

"We disapprove most of the teachers without retrieving their purchasing power. They do a lot of salary level. Additionally, 5% does not count towards charging for 2020, "he said. bugle After the meeting with Roberto Baradel.

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The provincial owner Sutarbarra said that "47.6% of inflation goes back to $ 12,500, that is, the December pay for 2017, which gives you $ 18,450, but it charges $ 18,000 in the amount of $ 450." He also said that they will evaluate the steps to be taken by the assembly, but will not rule out the power measures.

According to the authorities of Buenos Aires, the adjustment of the price indexes determined by Indec is included in the new scheme, which has already been submitted for 15 days. Thus, the Ministry of Education will establish an improvement of 2.9% in January in February and 3.6% in February. Up until March the updates will be monthly and thereafter quarterly.

In this way, it is expected to ensure the annual salary reform of 2018 Minimum wage of 20,150 teachers The category that will enter into March half day on the day ".

With a 5% additional contribution, we want to "recover" the loss of purchasing power, one of the claims made by the organizations that make up the trade unions (FEB, Suteba, Uda, Udocba, Amet). Trade unions posted 15 percent improvements.

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"The aim of the Vidal administration is to start classes so that the teacher will not grow beyond the poverty line and inflation beyond 2019," said the authorities. educators with the second year of the year.

Apart from the resolution of parity, there is still a great opportunity to start the conflict during the academic year. The US-led group of Americans have been quit tomorrow to announce that the forces of the force may have "adherence" to the provinces, especially Suteba, headed by Kirchner leader Roberto Baradel.

The Government can make "an equitable and progressive proposal"

After a few minutes after announcing the dismissal of the proposal of the unions of teachers, the Minister of Economy of Buenos Aires, Hernanin Lacunza, assured that the proposal presented on Wednesday "It's beautiful and progressive" possible

Asked if he thinks he has a place in the business or if the guilds take action, he was not confused: "We have not speculated. We always put on the table. We are not tradedbecause education is not worth the negotiation, "he said.

"Later, the force measures are decided by the guilds," he stressed and immediately stressed that "inflation plus 5 and raising initial wage seems to be a more rational proposal."

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