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Teacher's unions rejected Vidal's offer: there would be no classes on March 6, 7 and 8 – 02/27/2014

The province has extended the salary offer for teachers, in order to guarantee the start of classes on March 6. But the guilds They rejected the scheme of the 2019 increase scheme and now it is in danger of re-opening the classes less than a week. Because the precision goes beyond the boundaries of Buenos Aires Ctera can decide a nation's teacher strike.

Together with the education staff, María Eugenia Vidal's second session of the government proposed that the new increase due to "inflation" was presented 15 days ago: Indes increased by 5% in the indicator, which will be settled in December 2019 and will consist of basic teachers and teachers.

Teachers of the province of Buenos Aires. Silver / Mauricio Nievas

Teachers of the province of Buenos Aires. Silver / Mauricio Nievas

With this scheme, the Ministry of Education would set a 2.9% improvement in January in January and 3.6% in February. Updates through March will be done every month and every month. In addition, the "salary guarantee" is included It must pay 20,150 pesos at least 20 March. "This indicates that the smallest revenue has increased 20% in the first three months of this year," explained the technicians. bugle. This minimum staircase has now been set at 16,710 pesos.

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According to official estimates, 60 thousand educators, in 300 thousand universes, would be in the wage range. The final cycle is maintained as a payment for the presentation of $ 6000 per year Every agent who settles every three months.

With the additional contribution of up to 5%, we want to recover the loss of purchasing power last year, one of the claims made by the Union Unions (FEB, Suteba, Uda, Udocba, Amet). Trade unions posted 15 percent improvements.

This gap is one of the causes of union exclusion. There are others. "Government offer Teacher's career is not friendly ", said FEB president, Mirta Petrocini. "When a proposal for the 2018 reconsultation, a teacher under 12 years old almost begun charging, and a preceptor would charge up to 20 years."

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Roberto Baradel, Sutebek, raised a similar appeal. "Most of the teachers have been without recovering the purchasing power. They do a lot of salary level. Additionally, 5% do not count because it's only pay for 2020, "said Kirchner leaders.

"It is the best effort we can make and we can improve," he argued. bugle Minister of Labor, Marcelo Villegas. The official assured that this proposal is About 27,500 million pesos per year for Buenos Aires cashier's. "The territory is a budget for the entire public work that must be invested throughout the year," said Villegas.

There is an opportunity that begins again in the course of the conflict. Da Ctera – because it is a national state teacher state –On Thursday, it would announce a measure of force that provincial organizations could "hold". Especially Suteba, Ctera's basic organization. The union's sources acknowledge it The strike was called on March 6 and 7. And on Friday, Friday, the "national strike woman" would join other institutions.

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So, from the beginning and the first level to reach the scheduled calendar next Wednesday, It would be Monday until 11. That is, there is a bridge between government and education representatives. "We do not speculate, we have always put it on the table, we do not trade because it is not worth the negotiation with education negotiation," said Minister of Economy Hernan Lacunza.

And he immediately acknowledged that "after all, the guilds decide on the power measures". Last year, 29 were in Buenos Aires, provincial organizations, national strikes and CGT variants. There was no agreement, and the Government decided to pay the increases of proposals made jointly by the Education Resolutions.

Ctera will be a plenary session on Friday, the provincial union unions. "We require management responsibility. It's the best we currently offer. And now we do not have the date for the next announcement, "Villegas admitted.


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