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Tesla was dying, according to Elon Musk


In this picture, Muskus seems to say that Tesla has "died", but the image does not link to the text.
Picture: AP.

It was a strange year 2018 for Elon Musk. The executive has been named in several titles, they did not say things (but it's worth it), the curiosity of hunger for romantic relationships and more. Now, Musk acknowledges that his precious electric car was to die.

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In an interview with Axios, Musk said the company had "money bleeding" accelerating more rapidly than it had happened since its death. According to Elon Musk:

"Tesla made a real death threat due to productivity problems in Model 3. The company grew rapidly, and if we did not face too much of it, we would die. We did it, but it was very difficult to achieve."

The interviewer, after his comments, asks him that he was close to death, Tesla's head (although he did not have any president) said "in just a few weeks." Tesla's statement was very wrong in her long time before her Twitter active account, because Musk acknowledged that she had shuffled for a great deal of work for the weekend over the weekend, sleeping in the Model 3 factory and making it available to accelerate production and trouble to fix it

In addition to not compromising the distribution of the company Tesla's model, due to problems with the car production line. However, Musk's dangerous decisions, such as the explicit tweet that Tesla's presidency also posed a serious risk to the company.

Now it seems that the worst is over, but there is still still a lot still, especially if the Model 3 division is still a bit slower and Musk said that in 2020, the new generation of Tesla Model Y, Trucks and Roadster's new generation plans addition [Axios (HBO) vía Jalopnik]

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