Saturday , May 8 2021

Tevez and Quintero can not use 10!

After Edwin Cardona and Gonzalo Martinez, the mystery about the shirts on Boca and River 10 revealed the rules of the Superliga, which forbade the ban on changing the entire competition.

Thus, Carlos Tevez and Juanfer QuinteroThose who were preparing to record the big t-shirts of the two big clubs in the country will be able to use them to restart the championship. They must wait at least until July. Meanwhile, they will continue between 32 and 8. That's right: The Copa Libertadores will not be a problem.

According to article 26 of the regulations, groups called "numbers and names T-shirt" "Uniforms must be used to change tournaments, tee shirts and pants, with contrasting shirt and pants".

Tevez and Quintero can not use 10!

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