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"Thank you for your words and your gestures beyond colors" – 08/08/2013

Rodrigo Mora Maradona thanked the message, but Uruguay was given little help. "What pride for me," returned to Morita.

"They do not know each other, @ romoriita11, but I talked to you, as if I knew it. This is not the colors of the shirts and there is no passion. I want to give my full help. I hope you stay in football, do not leave yourself. I fought like I fought him. I was terrified, but I got a hook and I won it. You have all the strength in the world. That is why I expect this year to be the opposite of what is happening. I send you a big golden hug!".

Diego Maradona spoke to Rodrigo Mora as he went to Uruguay via Instagram and returned the message back and forth after retirement.

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"What pride a person gives me so much history. Thank you Maradona with your words and the color beyond the gesture. I'm sending you a big hug and I hope you have an excellent 2019"He wrote Morita answers.

Mora Maradona answered the message.

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