Saturday , January 23 2021

Thanks to a molecule, you can reduce the fat of abdominal exercise

Do you ever know how to lower your belly? Science will tell you something: Stomach fat can be reduced by physical exercise. It turns out that sport releases molecules, such as those responsible for boosting grease breakdowns.

At least it is the opinion of scientists at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). In an article published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism they conclude that The responsible point is a molecule, called interlucin-6. While this component enters the inflammatory response, it also regulates energy metabolism.

To do this, they contracted and grouped 53 adults overweight. Some tocilizumab are given a drug that is blocked by interlux and rheumatoid arthritis; Others gave him a placebo. After doing the twelve-week cycling exercise, the results showed The second group reduced the fatty stomach fat, the first group (drug-treated) was reversed.

"We know that exercise promotes a better health, but we now know that regular training reduces the fatty matter of the abdominal mass and, therefore, potentially The risk of developing cardiovascular disease"Anne-Sophie Wedell-Neergaard, the lead author of the article, told foreign media.

That is, as we have already said, stomach fat is the most damaging to healthAs it accumulates between the back, the inflammation of the arterial walls and the heart and cerebral cortex make it easier. Also, to find out if your health is compromised, you can measure the circumference of your waist to find out the index. It should be noted that developing high risk men (102 cm and 88 cm respectively) develop cardiovascular disease.

du the next steps Researchers are looking for use of interlink 6 and carbohydrates to generate and insect energy and have the same effect. In the meantime, exercising will not only help prevent hypertension, but also help prevent heart problems.

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