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Thanks to the solidarity of a two-city nurse, they saw two women again


The man worked at Centennial Hospital, and was also a refractor and firefighter. He died at the beginning of the year, but he decided to give it to his organs. Both women received corneas and saw them again.

The latest data published by Incucai is very good. The Penalty of the new 27,447 International Free and Transplant Law justified by Justina, after strengthening the procurement system and facilitating and facilitating processes, Argentina surpassed the history of organ donors.

This year, more than 632 organ donors have passed over the previous history, with more than 50 donors registered with more than 50 donors. Similarly, the number of transplants has also been recorded and 1,499 operations have been performed.

In the framework of this current sponsor, the Interdisciplinary Group of Disciplinary Interdisciplinary Hospitalized Seminars at the Interdisciplinary Group of Mental Disciplinary Compensation Centers of the Entre Ríos Cloisters "has convened the" San Sebastian and Transplant Assistance Symposium ". hospitality ", in relation to the new normative framework that gives Justina Law" Law of Justice and the therapeutic effect of the family.

Dr. Karina Surt, the Transplant Coordinator and the Head of the Department of Medicine in Cucaier, Dr. Liliana Bustos, and Nicolás Euler, a professor of psychology, ablation and transplant groups, offered training on "the daily work on the implications of the current update".

Dart case

This year, as a dancer, the last name is kept in the reserve, as the law determines – a 55 year old Mental Illness nurse died.

Among his works, the man, who was also a firefighter and was responsible, Inducai or Cucaier was responsible for moving the fabric.

Before his death, "Jonis", his colleagues and local colleagues at local hospitals said the donor decided that he had full support from his family. Thanks to this imitation script, a 36-year-old Portuguese and 51-year-old Gualeguaychuense regained sight.

Cucaier Professionals will hold a "Doctrine and transplantation conference in hospital care"

Justina law

"The spirit is an Argentinean donor and he does not agree with that position, we encourage the community to think about the issue and make a living decision about what you want to do with your body when you die," said Dr. Karina Surt,

"Justina Law facilitated the provision of information and health systems in the public and private sectors to more than six organs, which is donated to one of the five major countries in the country due to the network and coordination of the hospitals participating in the procurement programs" , stressed the professional Cucaier.

Centennial is a profile of about one hundred and is developing a program of Neuro-Intrinsic Neuroscience Therapies to avoid referrals with neurosurgical services. Evolution is not a desired one and death occurs when encephalic can be the only donor.

"A therapeutic donation should be the person who receives the body and also the family that loses his or her family, which helps them to alleviate their duel. Donation gives them peace of mind at that moment and strengthens the deceased's life, reinforces the strength of the family, life of death surpassing it ", Surtek has valued and ratified the" respect for protection and confidentiality "as the recipient", "a private medical act that is intimate and painful."

"This law facilitated logistical and operational steps, due to accidents or abusive deaths, guarantees judicial term and comprehensive care for the patient, in the list of transplantation and after the surgeon," said Surt.

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