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The 10 most famous Android games in the moment

This is the 10 most famous Android games in the moment and you can not miss

It is in corner 2019 There are still a few days left to revise everything that happened in the last twelve months to end the year. They know each other recently the most used and non-secure passwords and Games and applications that generate the greatest money in 2018. Now it's time to review One of the 10 best known games in this moment of Android.

Through Google Play, the 10 most popular Android games in the moment are announced and users will not be lost. Completed list Brawl Stars, new game Supercell, the creators of the successful Clash Royale, among others. Then we will leave you with the 10 most popular Play Games in Google.

10 most popular Android games

Brawl Stars

Brawl StarsSupercell is a new game In three battalions of three, the user will have 15 characters, Called Brawlers. As usual, each one has them Two special skills It can be combined with the team's characters to win.

In the game, it has a large number of people that can be fully free, with strength points or with exclusive parties. To add the points you need to kill the rest of the people and achieve the goals. The new work of Clash Royale's creators refers to 3 game modes in 3 games: Catches, survival, Bounty hunter, holdup andBrawl ball. 2 2 It's the second part of the success of the game Voodoo where the user needs it to conquer all the land that you can win competition It's a way game multiplayer and it is a title that will develop a player's ability synchronization and competition.

With some basic graphics, The style of the game is io, and touch the screen on the screen to ask for a large part of the correct map of the game. It will be necessary for this win more regionswhich can be neutral or opposing, it completely surrounds it. Other users will do the same, so be careful not to lose your site.

Stickman Hook

Stickman HookThe new MadBox game is an addictive title that the user must enjoy Make simple jumps to avoid all obstacles Those who stand in your way. They take on the players Stickman, completing levels that increase difficulty.

It's the goal to finish all the levels to alleviate as spider. The mechanics are very simple to get hooked and make breaks, just touch the screen, so you can avoid all the obstacles on the way. It's the game Free for Google Play.


Now you can play Minecraft for Android as a free trial

Minecraft It is one of the most popular arcade games of the time. Mojang's work recently launched a test version for Android devices, and ** use ** has a limited time. In it, the user can play for free and exclusively Minecraft Survival Mode.

Trial versions offer a complete set of purchases From the main menu, even during the game Some reminders will be launched. This way, the user can try one of the most popular games of all time.

Drive and park

Drive and Park, game for Androids

Drive and park follow a simple mechanics. The goal of the game is to park vehicles without parking. The car park is a cleaner and better process, the user gets more points. This game is free, as it can be installed lots of cars.

The player will overcome more difficulties and will help earn money to buy and collect cars. Additionally, the levels will move to the players A trip around the world. It's a simple title to make the car park the best in the world.


Polysphere It's a new puzzle game train your brain. The title mechanism is simple, the user needs to slide your finger across the screen of the device spin the puzzle until you see the whole picture.

The title is quite a bit like that 3D puzzle In addition to your mind, the masterpiece also serves to relax and enjoy. It's a title available for free for free Install from Google Play.


Uploading The player is a free arcade game Protect the world with a coat of arms while rising. To do this, you need to move the shield with your finger clear the way upwards and larger. In addition, there is also obstacle avoid on the way

Controlling the shield is very easy, but getting a high score is not so easy. Highlights in the game Simple control and infinite gameplay Other friends can challenge you to get the highest score.

Helix jumps

Helix jumps This is one of the most videotape games in the moment. Created by Voodoo, repeating the list, this action title is inviting users to live An adventure with a bounce Through a maze like the vint tower, in which you need to avoid obstacles.

The controls are simple so you can move the ball with a simple touch. In addition, the game has a rich visual effect and a pretty addictive game mechanic. The title can be freely installed From Google Play.

Popular Wars

Popular WarsDeveloped by Lion Studios is an action game The goal is not known. They are simple mechanics, you can collect followers anywhere on the map. You can also do it Followed by other players Get rid of and direct hundreds of people who who is boss.

The game has a high-tech swarm algorithm Dynamic and destructive mega environment. It's a free title that offers free play and that's why it's known.

Golf Battle

Golf Battle It is a sports game that can challenge real-world players in a golf battle. With simple and intuitive controls, The goal is to defeat your opponents and prove that the golf course is king. It offers 1 or 1 game title for 6 people.

In addition, it has several game modes. From there in a classic way You need to get to a pit with as little plan as possible career modeYou need to run the hole as fast as possible. It has more games 60 holes in different areas and levels and lets you customize the sticks and balls to collect and update.

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