Wednesday , October 20 2021

The 25 cents of the dollars are $ 39.08, with the world's line


With a single exchange exchange and exchange market (MULC), where The currency fell to 32 cents for $ 38.07 according to the relative fall of the rest of the world's falling currency.

During the wheel, The Central Bank has liquidated its invoice bill at $ 91,487 million in 13 days, with an average cut of 59.58% (59.45% in Wednesday). The maximum return receipt was 59.88% and the minimum return was 59%.

Most people registered at $ 38.25 with the first transaction, up to eight cents before closing down. They were originally created The price of the money completely affected the sales orders to drill the $ 38 floor Minimum of $ 37.95.

Thanks to the regeneration demand, the price surpasses the price that exceeds the stability of $ 38 for $ 38 and $ 38.14 per unit.

In the final part of the session, the values ​​were again condemned and shutting down significantly lower than Wednesday.

"One week after the week ends with the proximity of Mondays and Wednesdays They do not expect the expectations of their same price recovery to be increased only when they begin at the end of the month", Highlighted by the PR Corredores de Cambio.

In the informal market, meanwhile, the blue lay opera $ 39, and approached the official budget, according to this survey conducted in the central caves of Buenos Aires. In the meantime, "liquid" fell to eight cents to $ 38.49.

Other monetary markets

In the interbank money market, "call money" was operated on Wednesday, an average of 57%.

Meanwhile, in the future ROFEX market, a negotiation of $ 849 million was negotiated, of which more than 55% were agreed between December and January, with the latest prices being $ 38.94 and $ 40.84, 60, 25% and 54.64, respectively .

In the end, the BCRA international reserves raised US $ 65 million to US $ 58,707 million.

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