Tuesday , January 19 2021

The 85-year-old woman's nephew raped a robbery: "When the attacker woke up"

85-year-old woman raped her in the city of La Plata, robbing her at home he met a certain physical part One of the attackers, according to his grandson TN.com.ar.

"He wakes up and knows He found his attacker. The only thing my grandmother could say was older, it was a blonde and a big nose. Another thief, according to him, thought it was minor, "said Paulo Quiroga in an interview. exact hell The woman went: she attacked sex for two hours.

Quiroga said she was a woman "shock" and "very shocked." "He is a strong person, but he does not want to abandon his house, he does not want any company, but rather he lives, as time goes on he will reduce depression," he said.

He also said that the whole family is worried about what happened, because only the woman lives. "He can not just move, get angry, he had a bar, an anti-panic button, all the measures, we do not know how they came in. Through the window "he said.

The man warned that it is the second time they steal, but this type of violence has never happened. "My grandmother is not strong, she was not too much. Jewelry, television and cash "He listed it.

The video that grabbed a robber's time grabbed the neighborhood's security cameras. According to the grandmother of the woman, she was looking for a fight between two friends and found her escape.

As far as the justice is concerned, no one is suspected so far. Hugo Tesón, the fiscal prosecutor of the investigation, has investigated surrounding security cameras. Along with this record, a neighbor's neighbor showed Saturday Saturday from Saturday at 4.25 a.m., a camera that runs away from bicycles is bicycling on TV, according to the newspaper. Day La Plata.

After stealing the values, a criminal went to the room, he binded and for two hours he raped him. The woman was attacked by the delinquent on Saturday at the 6th at home, in room 138, between 531 and 532. Then he fled. The woman was bound, and her daughter found something like that. The practitioners who had been treated with the retirement confirmed the violation.

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