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The baby died two women in Route 2 accident

Two women and one baby were losing their way after the tragic accident in the 2nd Arroyo Aguiar summit.

Yesterday at 10 o'clock they go Traveled by two women a baby The route caught 2 trucks and, consequently, the truck killed three passengers. A mile from Arroyo Aguiar happened.

Reason why they go Press the truck to be unknown. Norma Leguizamón, a 51-year-old police officer, has been in the Regional Unit for 29 years. His daughter, Ursula Olaguibe, 24, and her grandson, a child 11 months only.

When emergency staff arrived on stage, two vehicles flared up, but the truck drivers saved their lives. After the flame you control the flames shock Witness services and police stations in Monte Vera, Arroyo Aguiar and Laguna Paiva, in the province of Santa Fe, had to work in this place.

Reasons to date sneaky they were not released. For some reason, the car caught the truck and the three passengers lost their lives.

The women's woman's allegedly responsible women were detained in the heart

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