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The baby was a destructive brain tumor, but it disappeared: doctors can not explain – 12/18/2014


The case is broken by the United States. And it was sent to USA Today. Roxli Doss is a 11-year-old girl who is diagnosed with a strange brain tumor, "destructive", by doctors and inoperative. As it is known DIPG (bulge glioma diffuse), tumors can reduce vision, speak ability and breathing problems.

The disease is found in a part of the brain, especially in children and its detection is very difficult and in many cases occurs months before the month.

Pictures made in June.

Pictures made in June.

The cruel diagnosis was confirmed in August. There, in Texas, this little girl started radiation therapy to find something painstaking. According to science, it was impossible to try to reduce the amount of the brain and to reduce the tumor.

But now an apparent miracle happened. New studies indicate tumor failure. Six months ago, "the various doctors consulted agreed to the DIPG," says father Scott Doss.

Little parents

Little parents

The girl spent a week of radiation and all his parents did a miracle to pray. And now, without a trace of the tumor, he is thinking of an explanation outside the family environment.

"When I first saw Roxli's IRM, it was really amazing," said Dr. Harrod. "Tumors are not detectors in an MRI, which is unusual," he affirms.

"God cured Roxli," said the mother, "We did not know how long it would be for him to look healthy, and look, he's very well," says my dad. Now, the doctors have checked other studies scans and they very badly confirmed that there was no trace of the disease.

In any case, they must follow closely with supplementary treatments, such as immunotherapy as a precautionary measure. In addition, the family opened a GoFundMe page for future expenses or medical studies.

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