Friday , March 31 2023

The balance of trade was over again


Argentine exports rose 18.2% in October, with an income of 5.077 million, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC), exports were up 1.4% and 5.354 billion dollars. In this way, 277 million dollars of sales in Argentina were positive in the tenth month of the year.

According to the Radar Adviser, "As in the history, as in the devaluatory episodes of Argentina, external adjustments are linked, at least in the short term, due to lower economic activity caused by inflation acceleration, exports, for different reasons, to react to the new exchange rate they are slow. "

The most significant remains in October were linked to Chile's trade; It was $ 221 million; Vietnam $ 177 million, Algeria $ 92 million, Bangladesh $ 87 million US $ 86 million Peru, and Indonesia $ 84 million, among others.

The most important deficits recorded in October in China were US $ 321 million of $ 321 million in the United States; and Brazil's $ 110 million, said Indek.

In this month, exports of the first products came to 1,114 million dollars and a drop of 3.2% in sales amounted to a 5.8% decrease with a rise of 2.8%. at prices

Meanwhile, sales of agricultural raw materials (4.4%) were up by an inter-annual increase of 2.027 billion euros, an increase of 3.5% and an increase of 0.9% in October. past.

Manufactured from industrial origin came to 1,824 million dollars, 3.4% down on the same month in 2017, which reduced prices by 6.9%, 3.6%.

Meanwhile, Fuels and Energy sold 389 million dollars, with a 25.8% increase in prices and a 4% increase in the number.

In the meantime, the rise in the dollar and the industrial sector slowed down in September, with imports falling by 12.9% and 38% of capital goods and accessories, Capital Goods, 46.9% of vehicles, 12.8% of Consumer Goods.

"This means that investment is a component of aggregate demand, which in the long term registers a decline in the risk of economic growth," Radar said.

In addition, the forecasts "due to the improvement of external results due to the economic slowdown and the economic downturn resulting from the decline in imports." Nearly 4,000 million dollars in annual deficit will be shut down. The surplus can have more than $ 3,000 million, due to the decrease in imports and the increase in agricultural exports due to the year of drought. "

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