Thursday , October 6 2022

The bank activates alarm signals to pay for the deposit


There is a lot to talk about in Argentina these days a large gap between the level of interest rates Average Savings Financial System, about 47% to 30 days of the year, and the cost of a bank credit is greater than 60%, the commitment, when buying a car and at 77%. Financing with consumption with credit card.

However, It's a bit of a bit about tax burden, not just nationwide, for example, profits, in the general economy, but province and municipal taxes at nominal interest rates and financial institutions costs.

He gave a clue Claudio Cesario, President of the Association of Argentine Banks (ABA), in the tribute of the specialized press tribute, among others. Infobae, the following should be emphasized: "In terms of paying gross tax income, above all, affiliated entities form ABA's salary half of the total payment and the amount of the liquidity liquidation is the same as the annual amount. Historically, there were less than half, 22% of the total remuneration".

In the case of urban taxes, Argentina's foreign capital bank stressed that "in some provinces, lighting, cleaning and cleaning charges have to be paid for business flow and not, it would be located in front of the local square meter."

"The goal is to raise awareness among people and public opinion, working with the provincial authorities. Services today The financiers pay gross income in the game. Then we will make taxes and municipal taxes. In some cases, they charge them in advance that they do not provide these services, "Cesario said.

After stressing the importance of restoring macroeconomic stability, it creates conditions for the development of a capital market that allows for a reduction in the fiscal deficit zero and zero monetary and the financing of external financing. The Argentine Bank "The debate on competitiveness can not ignore the effect of taxation. Many sectors lose their chance, remain in the market and have no formal job creation. 38% off fiscal pressure or discourages investment opportunity. What is the return rate that the aid needs and the importance of the information incentives?

For this reason, Cesario concluded: "Tax adjustment or zero deficit is not only the responsibility of the national government, nowadays, the majority of the provinces that are surplus must increase the provincial taxation, the commitment must comply with the Covenant and Fiscal Consensus. Like gross income ".

Otherwise, the banker said that "the cost of the credit will be high and that they will end up paying off the co-operatives that they will pay."

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