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The BCRA has applied a significant rate of LELIQ, now 55% below.

The Central Bank has issued letters of liquidity on WednesdayLELIQ) according to 160,000 million pesos (Equivalent to $ 4,244 million) average low rate 54.889% every seven days.

The maximum allowance was 55.19% and the minimum was 53.5%.

It means these returns 75 basis points cutsIn a similar operation carried out on Tuesday, the income valued the average rate of 55,639 percent.

President of the entity Guido Sandleris Monetary policy rate has been adjusted seventh wheel continue financial In January, LELIQ's profitability declined 4.4 percentage points, 59.25%, December 28, 2017.

The BCRA has changed the way Liquidity Letters tendered by the organization Announces a fixed amount and prevents sucking or absorbing weights. Financial analysts believe that this practice will allow more aggressive rate No more monetary expansion.

"It's worth it The financial system is still "red" to cover the monthly payment without paying, for this reason they must increase again on the next two wheels, "they said Personal portfolio investments.

On Wednesday, it had a monetary impact of $ 160 billion at $ 155.727 billion. About $ 5 million expansionIf the interest payment date is published.

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