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The Beatles in the last 50 years: 43 minutes in a London story

They did not touch an hour; only forty-three minutesSince the beginning of 1958, it would mark a transcendental episode of XX. century music history

At noon on Thursday, January 30, 1969 The Beatles Office building terrace appeared Apple, his record label, Savile Row 3, in the heart of London. His final appearance would be public, in the middle of the movie shooting Leave itOn April 10, 1970, his final separation took place.

The final live concert of the English language was held on August 29, 1966, in the Candlestick Park in San Francisco, with room for 42,300. Only 25 thousand attended the commercial show business. Show, release of his current record stirIt was not 35 minutes for eleven songs by Fab Four.

Depending on the keyboard's testimonial Billy Preston, a special guest, joining the Liverpool geniuses, the original idea that played the Appler's terrace John LennonThe possibility of staying in front of the Egyptian pyramid was ruled out, or on the transatlantic ship Queen Elizabeth II.

George Harrison The initiative described this way. "We went to the ceiling to solve the idea of ​​a live concert, it was much easier to go somewhere else, no one did, and it was interesting to see what would happen when we started playing. Apple's reception area, behind a window, could not see And we shot people. Police and everyone said: You can not do that, you have to stop. "

It was responsible for the general production of the historical event George Martin, and then music engineer rising, Alan Parsons In 1973 he became the brain of recordings The dark side of the moon of Pink Floyd. Another engineer who participated in the rest of the terrace, Glyn JohnsA few months later he would meet with the world's biggest rock leagues to produce the first album Led Zeppelin.

The concert included five songs from the album Leave it, Get back (they have interpreted it three times), Do not leave me, I have a feeling, One After 909 and Dig a Pony.

In mid-London, it was cold to show John and George their womens coats, while Ringo's red pilot. Paul had more time to separate himself from himself, with an elegant dark suit.

John and Ringo attended with their wives, Yoko Ono and Maureen Starkey (Ringo surname).

The show interrupted the police due to noise and traffic problems that were emerging. In the end, and when approximately the microphones were disconnected, John, with a keen irony that perpetuated this trait, said: "I want to thank the group and myself, and I want to overcome the hearing."

1971n Leave it he won the prize Oscar to the best soundtrack but, as expected, beatle was not the last person to attend the music director Quincy Jones They were again nominated for the award ceremony Paul McCartney In 1973, for the James Bond soundtrack, Live and let die.

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