Wednesday , January 26 2022

The biggest application for Chinese dating for youngsters is the breakdown of new GAIN infections records for minors


Printable version Print version print news Print in China, according to Blued data, according to homosexuals For internal research, minors have been infected with HIV after using the networkinforms the official newspaper China Day.

The controversy comes after the information published through the economic news portal Cashmere, which said it was not The minors were prevented from controlling Blued's registry -If you do not allow access to the social network, unless you meet at least 18 years and when it is finished After hiring a HIV recruitment application through sexual assistants.

Incidentally, he underwent research by sexologist Zhang Beichuan Blued users had an "important part" for minorsIn this way, he questioned the control of the hiring of the order.

So, the social network makers said Sunday they will make "technology, algorithms, artificial intelligence and content supervision" on Sunday. Detect adults in adulthood as well as the types of content shown by minors.

Also, Adds fixed and visible links to the portal of HIV portal and not hiring people in personal information pages.

Blued, launched in 2012, is one of the largest social networking sites in the world of homosexuals 40 million users.

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