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The birthday gave him a hug so hard he broke the ribs


Thursday, December 20, 2018, 08:38

Sarah Williamson, her daughter Annecy and her husband Richard. His embrace saved his life

The pain was permanent but not unbearable. I went. His back was incessant for his discomfort for 365 days. Sarah Williamson, at the age of 41, did not know what was happening and had bad movement, as his mother is life … the same life and time. You have thought of "Timeline", or your intense race.

In Sarah Darlington, in County Durham, she lived in the UK, her husband Richard (39) and Annecy's mistress, to find out about their discomfort.

Two years ago, on his birthday, his beloved husband Richard approached him to congratulate him. He also took advantage of his own frame to embrace him, in addition to the beautiful words he had extracted from his mouth. Circling with his arms. As a bear Very strong. So he broke a strong side.

They went to the hospital because they had been studying their chest, now they also had to. The results were not expected: instead they were destructive. It's not a broken rib, but the doctors found that Sarah was more shocked at the images. He diagnosed bone marrow cancer, myeloma.

I would never imagine that if I did not go to the doctor due to an accident caused by a hug. And cancer progressed even more.

The woman had a new therapy by Dr. Graham Jackson of the Jackson Freeman Hospital in New Jackson. The United Kingdom is part of a new study of 4 thousand patients, all diagnosed with myeloma.

Jackson's treatment is to receive lenalidomide after chemotherapy and cell transplant. So far, Sarah has healed her cancer.

"When they asked me when I wanted to take part in the clinical trial, I did not hesitate to say, and I was happy to receive the randomly selected lenalidomide, which was very good for my pharmacist." Those who are paid for their patients for two years are very fantastic, and every person that lives this is expected, because, once again, it is possible to make life as usual as possible, "said the woman working in the communication field.

Sarah also said that while the treatment lasted, "he had almost no effect" and that his pain was "gone". Currently, there is no belief in bone marrow cancer.

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