Monday , May 16 2022

The cases of children with viruses in the world are reduced


Number of children living with them HIV a third can be reduced to 1.9 million by 2030, said the UN Children's Agency. The deaths of young people caused by AIDS's causes could be nearly 56,000 years old, for the time being, UNICEF explained in a new report.

Although the expected reduction in HIV cases is good news, it's still too slow, he added.

According to the report, 270,000 people up to 19 years old, most of them in Africa, could be infected with the virus only in 2030.

The report, published on the eve of the World Day against AIDS on Saturday, It emphasizes that in Africa, it is expected that the population will double by 2050.

According to agencies, With HIV, half of those under 14 are receiving treatment.

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