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The "Cavern" Godoy, head of the River Bar, WhatsApp audio – 11/26/2018

There was a voice in the lack of Superbochorno. And he was Hector Guillermo Godoy, alias Caverna. "4 days" program Luis Majul A24, The audio channel for the Ibai tabernacle, whose address has been cast on Saturday in the field of research for the renewal of the Libertadores final tickets.

"I mean, raid on Friday, through the order of justice that happened in my house, my lawyer, Diego Valente, where I was kidnapped and raided (sic), will explain to him. Now, as regards Saturday's event, I am very foreign for any participation that may be with me. I send this audio to clear up my situation and refuse viral virus depicting one person and many others that I have been the author of the unfortunate episode that happened before Ibai Boca, "he said.

While WhatsApp audio lasts one minute and nine seconds, the security ministry will exclude the version released.

On the same day that the cavern was released, the prosecutor ordered Norberto Brotto to look for MonumentaDuring the 72 hours, Caverna Godoy and José Bolsa de Papa Uequin took part in the house, another member of Los Borrachos del Tablón. He then took 7 million pesos and received 300 tickets.

As a prosecutor, Núñez's search was "very positive" and, as announced in the press conference, revealed a parallel positioning system of locations.

"I found what I was looking for: there is a lot of documentation related to what I have caused, there is a person who joins Barr's head, who has the right access and many original entries. I am obviously looking back. I need a lot of specific evidence, "said Prosecutor Brotto. He added: "Collect all information to analyze everything that has been seized, and finally, I have to determine the last steps and see who I am doing."

In the following hours, Brottok could call the Cavern. Meanwhile, the items from the Núñez Club offices will be carefully reviewed: the name of the members and the card printing system. "Research is a very important assumption that volunteers are unacceptable, but they are outside the club's sales system," said Brotto. How is it possible? Is the relationship between Barra and Millionaire? "I do not know who the tickets were given," said Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio. In that sense, Brotto was cautious. "There is not much to investigate yet," said the prosecutor.

River, always in cooperation with Justice, has already begun an internal investigation to determine the origin of 300 people from Godoy.

Meanwhile, Luis Cevasco, Attorney General Clarinen, has confirmed that the detained attacks at the headquarters of Caverna "are real, we check the access system with the stadium, and they are not protocols. They are nominal, that is, their identification."

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