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The Central Bank once again reduced its rates

The Central Bank wants to make the most of it The exchange rate generated in January, while increasing the benchmarking rate, begins to investigate whether the market intervention capacity is widening.

The entity secured yesterday the largest daily profitability reduction Liquidity Letters (Leliq) to seven days. Papers auctioned in total $ 160,000 million and It's the average cut-off rate 54.889%.

References to the financial system were cut short 0.75 points Tuesday the percentage of operations.

It is the first time that falls below 55% from the central He launched his aggressive scheme.

when it is In order to close the negotiation negotiations for exchanges in 8 minutes, du BCRA He came out to buy it again, although in a smaller volume he got yesterday US $ 20 million and not US $ 50 million, as I did

In this way, it piles up purchases $ S510 million When he returned to take part in the square this month, he continued his green card under the banner.

The dollar interrupted the wholesale spot at the beginning of the week, when it fell again width expanded at the bottom end not from the intervention area, It will now cost $ 37.86.

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