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The Chinese probes read in the dark side of the moon: Xinhua

PHOTOS PHOTOGRAPHER: Moon in the middle of a city of Warsaw will see wax on April 22, 2015. REUTERS / Kacper Pempel

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China's space probe is flooded up in the dark side of the moon, Xinhua news agency officials say Sunday, a major step forward as the country's drive to push forward its space program.

Protest, Chang & # 39; e-4, a plan planned on a Sunday's orbit, was "prepared for the first dry land on the far side of the moon," a recent agency said referring to the Chinese National Space Administration. He did not say landing would happen.

The moon is locked on the ground, rotating the same rate as the planet's orbit, so on the remote – or "dark side" – it's never visible on Earth. Old spacecraft have seen the farthest side of the moon, but no one landed.

China Chang & # 39; e-4 probe was launched a month before, through the Long March-3B rocket. He picks up a vehicle for exploring the Earth and the surface of the moon.

Xinhua said the sunset was entering an elvotic 08.55 at that time in Beijing, which is at the point nearest to the 15 kilometer on the moon's surface. Chang & # 39; e-4 entered the first 12 orbit into the lunar orbit.

The tasks of Chang's are astronomers' observations, the moon's crust, landform and mineral composition analysis, and neutron radiation and neutral atoms to study the remote environment of the moon.

China intends to have space capacity with Russia and the United States in 2030. He wants to start the construction of the Spanish space next year.

However, China has emphasized that its intentions are completely peaceful, but the United States Department of Defense has accused other nations of avoiding the use of active space assets in a crisis.

The center control center will select "the appropriate time" for the remote control of the moon, Xinhua said. Its fall relay satellite, Queqiao, or Magpie Bridge is helping.

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