Sunday , May 16 2021

The "Choose Your Adventure" publisher "Black Mirror" producers called for "Bandersnatch".

Movie Bandersnatch, the output of the world Black MirrorIt is one of the different bets it was last time. It was built according to the interaction streaming, the audience must choose the fate of the protagonist, an idea inspired by the saga of books Choose your adventureIt was popular in the 80's. The collection's publisher sued Netflix "violation of a registered trademark".

The court filed Sunday Sunday in Vermont, United States of America. There, it's the company company streaming fiction that creates Starting from that idea he took advantage of it without making an agreement between the famous children's books.

"It causes confusion and staining, weakened and weakened distinctive brand distinctive Choose your adventure"Chooseco publisher, the author of the literary saga, said that the protagonists explicitly mention a collection novel and argue that it is" a dark and violent subject " Bandersnatch They are not related to your books.

Stefan's parallel life must always be chosen among the options.
Stefan's parallel life must always be chosen among the options.

The Chooseco publisher explained the allegations that Netflix negotiated in 2016 but that They did not reach an agreement commercial

What is Bandernsatch?

Directed by David Slade, Bandersnatch It's a movie that is included in the narrative world Black Mirror. The British series explores through landslide in a surprising future, technology risks. For four years to achieve its goal, use different genres: science fiction, drama, comedy, black humor, thriller, action and even gore more explicit

In this case, the author places stars in 1984. It's a straight peak the nostalgia of creation first video game consoles

Mainland Stefan covers the life of a young obsessed programmer Bandersnatchin the style written Choose your adventure. Such is the fiction he wants to convert to video games. One day, he hires a leading company in the gamers market to make his dreams come true. Thereafter everything will disappear and his personality depression will be clear It will travel the darkest places It is almost impossible for his mental labyrinth.

Stefan's story is chosen as one of the two options for the trip. Every seagrass leads to the other end divided into several parts.

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