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The chronicle decided by the government to subsidize oil companies

Energy Secretary, Gustavo LopeteguThe official is the 46th largest oil company in the oil sector, and the Minister of Agriculture, Juan José Aranguren, has paid special attention to companies that increase gas production from Vaca Muerta.

In addition, the National Executive made changes to the changes in subsidies that they made, which is the strong confrontation of Tectenrol, the strong Techint company of the group. From now on, resolution 46 will be limited to the production initially designated for the presentation of projects.

Then, Tecpetrol estimated the production of gas by 8.5 million cubic meters per day (m3 / d) per company and government. But now, Fortín de Piedra deposits produces 17.5 million m3 / d of gas. That is why the company will receive half of the subsidies if there are no changes in the number of production that is recognized.

As the signing passed a few days ago, the decision to become official yesterday would not be accepted. In a statement made to the National Securities Commission, he told his lawyers to file a lawsuit against the national state. According to Tecpetrol, "Changing the payment criteria retroactively is in April, May, June, July, August, September, and October 2018, which amounts to a lower payment until September 2018 for $ 1,994 million and 2018, the annual impact would be $ 5,655 million." The governments, however, were optimistic for an agreement.

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