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The chronicle of the demise of Natacha Jaitt's death tests has been established

Research on samples from the body of the model and the body Natacha Jaitt and the toxicological analysis of the blood and urine of people in the event room "Xanadu"Benavídez, who died when he died on Saturday, will begin next Wednesday at La Plata, after informing the judicial sources.

Prosecutors' experts are present at parties and prosecutors to investigate the event, anatomopathological studies, tissues and urine that go through the autopsy, and toxicology studies begin at number 11 in the capital of the Scientific Police headquarters in Buenos Aires.

These investigations will determine the cause of the death of Jaitt, and the genetic traces of other people, as well as their nails or genitals. If so, these samples will be sent to a laboratory to carry out rigorous comparisons between DNA research.

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The spokeswoman himself has said that there is still no specific data yet determined by the telephone analysis, which is being kidnapped in a research framework, because it expects experts to be appointed by specialized parties.

On Wednesday, he testified before prosecutors Sebastián Fitipaldi and Diego Callegari Bandana music band member Lissa Vera, both the friend of Jaitten and the businessman in Paraguay, Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte, links, work projects and last meetings.

After diligence, Vera said that the press was linked (Jaitt and Velaztiqui), three of whom, as they considered, organized a gastronomic event.

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"I was an emotional bond-related relationship between two friends"He explained Vera in different social gatherings that began with three ideasr "eat drinks to eat" for their elderly people.

He recalled the Bandana member, although he was a friend of Jaitt, a little later, they saw another when they modeled their rape in January and then continued.

"I invited all of them until my birthday on February 7, and from that moment on, each meeting was the last day, on February 22. This knowledge was not very popular because it was dedicated to Bandana"he remembered

Likewise, they were found on February 14 to celebrate Valentine's Day, dinner at the La Tía Ñata bar, in Benavídez, where, according to the research, they obtained information about the owner of the Xanadú room. Gustavo Rigoni.

"The idea was to do things together, from friendship, we needed to do something with all the patrimony and knowledge and have fun, move on". he continued

However, Vera clarified that he had not participated in that night, and that said that he had no previous knowledge, because of his musical commitment.

"Xanadu Natacho was the only one who could do everything he wanted to do, and that's why it was important to build the structure, for which Raul (Velaztiqui)", he concluded.

Jaizk died at dawn on Saturday when Velaztique held a meeting in Xanadu, which was attended by Rigoni; your friend, Gaspar Esteban Fonolla (45); neighbors and friends Gustavo Andrés Bartolín (44), aka "Voltio"; and young people Luana Micalela Monsalvo (19).

At night, drug and alcohol consumption was suffered at night drivers and models "Acute pulmonary edema due to respiratory failure" and died, according to the autopsy.

His naked body was found about 2 hours in the event hall located in Isla Verde, La Nada, Benavídez, Tigre party, reptiles and reptiles of 600 people. external injury

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