Sunday , August 1 2021

The city investigates a river fan hiding hidden baby clothes

This image reflects the reflection generated by the Copa Libertadores final. In the previous match the video was circulated A riverside who uses headache and thus be able to enter the stadium.

Sequence is emitted by social networks and shows a woman A babe clicking on the flint with a tape bandthat is, your daughter or relative.

The maneuver happened for a moment River Plate bet for the Monumental stadium, where the Super Cup of the Libertadores Cup was played. The goal was to prevent caches and preventive operations.

Secretary of Security of Buenos Aires, in charge Marcelo D 'Alessandro, it has been confirmed Infobae The minor complains about the complaint.

The images came to some international media, such as Spanish sports newspapers brand and as.

The sports competition was canceled this Saturday Attack by micro Boca Juniors team.

The whole day lived Voltage climate due to nervousness The incidents in the streets surrounding the Antonio Vespucio Liberti stadium.

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