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The color was a record in the US since the disease was eliminated

The health authorities confirmed this year 695 cases of measles, a number of records since its release in 2000 to eliminate the disease of the people, according to federal authorities.

So far, in 2014, the worst outbreak in this century occurred in 667 cases, but 2019 has already passed before the end of April.

After the recent infections confirmed in New York this week, the country's last counting was in 695 cases, according to United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The organization that offers full Monday figures has reported this week to 626 cases in the country.

There have been 22 states in total, but the ship has three outbreaks: two in New York State and one in the state of Washington.

In the case of New York, there are two outbreaks in communities of ultra-Orthodox Jews, one in the Brooklyn neighborhood, and another in the Rockland county, almost out of the skyscrapers.

According to the CDC, since 2000, these two outbreaks are one of the largest and most sustainable, and the longer it lasts, the greater the risk of having a measles presence in the United States.

According to experts, the disease reached New York through people who were infected with travel in Israel. The measles lasted last Saturday in orthodox communities.

The health authorities point out that all anti-inflammatory drugs require vaccination and the New York exploding allegations that the information on suspected drug risks are inadequate.

"Some organizations deliberately fail these communities to have deceptive and misleading information about vaccines," said the CDC in a statement.

Among Brooklyn's ultra-community communities, there is debate among those who defend devotion and deplore them; In some cases, according to a vaccine-based publication, "monkey, rat and pig DNA" are done with aborted cells aborted from the human fetus. and generate autism.

Meanwhile, rabbis have pushed the whole population into the vaccine and stressed that there is no religious party that refuses it.

This situation has come to New York this month to declare a "public health emergency" epidemic of the ultra-Jewish Jewish communities due to the epidemic of the neighborhood in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg.

Within this extra measure, the vaccine-friendly population must be immunized to "support the rest of the community and help reduce the epidemic".

Injections are required and the members of the Department of Health and Mental Health are reviewing any vaccine card that has been contacted by infected patients, which may even be fines of up to $ 1,000.

One week ago, a judge asked for a lawsuit ordered by a group of parents.

Meanwhile, the Rockland county authorities have prohibited anyone who has been infected or injured in public spaces for 21 days in public spaces.

In addition, child offenders may not attend school unless they are a medical or religious exception.

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