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The Conicet creates a simple method for poisoning skin cancer cells

Remarkable discovery Argentine scientists It has medical treatments related to cancer and skin cosmetics. Specifically, the researchers CONICET La Plat created silicon nanoparticles to facilitate access to the body.

The results of this presentation were published in the February issue of the prestigious magazine Nanomedicine.

Various applications

According to researcher Jorge Montanari, the work has different goals "from the development and improvement of therapy Skin tumors or parasitic diseases, such as leishmaniasis, even for cosmetic treatments and treatments for aging. "

Nanoparticle subjects such as Cristian Lillo, Conicet PhD researchers, and "are clear, that is, They will serve as diagnoses, indicating the location of a tumor; and is able to easily cope with a specific point"They also excite the X-rays or ultraviolet light and create toxicity in a small and localized area to get rid of cancer cells or to be damaged and healthy."

Specialists have determined that nanoparticles activate the necessary radiation when they are in the tumor and cause molecules that destroy all 100 nanometers radius around them. "toxicity"The scientists tried to combine it with a drug and study its latest operation and combining two biocompatible products with the solution and folic acid used as a laxative polyethylene.

Graph showing how nanoparticles surface layers (Gentleness researchers).
Graph showing how nanoparticles surface layers (Gentleness researchers).

A well-aimed phone trip

It is possible to prevent the distribution through the control through the control of the drug by means of control by means of the control of the body, to mount it to a nanosystem, where it is necessary to apply its effects to the vehicle. "In this way two things are achieved: on one handto maximize drug efficacy because the quantity is less administered and, on the other hand, to prevent other organs and tissues They suffer from scaffold damage"He explained to Montanari.

In this field, scientists managed to obtain a laboratory worldwide to provide oncology drug marketed in the market. "The many pathologies we receive are so aggressive, therefore, our premise It is getting increasingly invaded by invading formats", explained the authors of the work.

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