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The controversy of a picture published on Marley Mirko's Instagram – 01/01/2015


One of the recent posts in your Instagram account Mirko (1), son Marleyren (48) already 2.6 million followers Created in that social network strange talk.

Driver posted on profile (manages) The image that looks like a green Mirko T-shirt and many of his followers considered it a dress abortion decryption campaign.

"Dad working, he was playing me!"He said the ordinary message, Mirko appeared kneeling on the floor, a green moss of Muslims saying in uppercase:"I want it now!".

Mirko's image created an unusual talk on Instagram.

Mirko's image created an unusual talk on Instagram.

The picture was "pleasing" to some of the central celebrities Cris Morena, Eugenia China Suarez, Evelyn Von Brocke and Marley himself.

But while that was happening, only a few users on the internet highlighted a great baby, among other things They commented on the "green shirt".

"What baby does Mirko follow, and they want to kill other babies They enter the world and believe they are claiming they are a child's abortion! Silly, fucked! "Commented on a user.

"What a whirlwind. Can not we now wear green?"I'm not on the side of abortion, but the green shirt with that title plus a scarf, maybe it was a coincidence but it might be …"He argued for a third party user.

"What do they think about missing neurons? A green shirt and a sentence are starting the subject of abortion. Live your life and stop the other whore, it's a simple shirt, "said another message in the photo, which more than 1,400 users commented on.

Marley with his son Martin Fierro Digital distribution of prizes. (Archive)

Marley with his son Martin Fierro Digital distribution of prizes. (Archive)

The spectator barely bends when he stops and still does not speak, the baby is already there It is one of the most popular characters in the country.

In fact, at the end of the year, the son of the host Minute to win, it will return to Telefe on Monday, Martín Fierro de Oro Digital won and the controversy came up quickly.

That's it, actors, actors and journalists Marley's son was bursting into the net after his son The most important digital edition of the prize.

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