Saturday , June 19 2021

The court will decide that the new judges will have to pay the profits

On Tuesday, the High Court of Justice will begin with the defined two weeks' timeone pairThe most important issues before the year end fail. The first issue that is debated by the Supreme Court is a valid or otherwise preventive measure, according to the provisions of 27,346 Law Judges from the 1st of January 2017.. The judge ordered the measure Esteban Furnari Within the framework of an action begun by the Magistrates' Association.

As you know Infobae, Ricardo Lorenzetti, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Horacio Rosatti voted for the new judicial votes.. The vote by Elena Highton has not yet been determined, despite the president of the court Carlos Rosenkrantz, refusing to pay the jury candidates nominated since 2017.

In this way, the Court decides the preventive measures prescribed by the Constitutional Court of the Federal Administration of Esteban Furnari, and the House of that jurisdiction will confirm it, but it will not decide on the merits of the matter. However, in an appeal to the Supreme Judge, which will be heard this afternoon, ministers, Lorenzetti, Maqueda and Rosatti will declare that they do not judge the merits of the matter, but they will repeal the role of the jury as part of their function, they have to meet them. So far, Highton and Rosenkrantz are studying how to introduce texts against Lorenzetti, Maquedá and Rosati's recitation..

On Monday, the responsibility of the Cabinet came to the Court, Marcos PeñaTo request the modification of the elements of salary increase for the judiciary. The expected increase is 10% from October 1 to 10, from the 1st of December.

In this note, Peña stated that "Changes in the budget items, when required, affects the resources of the Treasury"That is why the civil servant demanded an increase in the sales forecast for the month of December 2019.

Finally, the minister coordinator emphasized that postponing a 10 percent increase will not change the budget elements, but according to the Ministerial Ministerial Meeting, Nicolás Dujovneand the administrative authorities of the Court. The suspected suspicion of the fourth floor of the Court Palace is the payment of resources from the anticyclic foundation fund created by the president of Ricardo Lorenzetti's presidency.

The answer to the brotherhood of the judicial power was the response of Peña immediately. Therefore, Julio Piumato"If the Director of the Cabinet wishes to abandon the salary agreement, the courts will remain until the end of the year." The court must be faced with violence.

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