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The crater created by an asteroid is found under the ice of Greenland


It is only historical according to its dimensions. It is located among the 25 found on the planet

The crater created by an asteroid is found under the ice of Greenland

Map of ice rock detail and crater impact / Danish Natural History

In 2015, geocymbol of the University of Copenhagen Kurt Kjær, under the Greenland Hiawatha Glacier, noticed a strange depression. As the research shows, it found an impact crater with more than 30 kilograms. Its origin: an asteroid.

According to its dimensions, the crater is already historic, the 25 largest of the Earth. However, histories and origins are the interests that interest science. When and how did we make the huge ice cover on Greenland continents?

It seems that it was not long ago that at least one kilometer of a meteorite has occurred since the planet's history.

extraordinary arguments

As explained by Kjær: the extraordinary discovery requires extraordinary evidence. The data of the Radar survey requires more than a decade, through the ice glitch we build the topography map. Thus, we found a large circular depression below below from 2015. He immediately knew that it was something special, but at the same time it was clear that it was difficult to confirm the birth of depression.

follow the studies

Since then, the last three years have carried out work and study in the field, taking photographs and using a new radar developed at the University of Kansas.

You can see the rounded structure on the edge of the ice cream, especially when it is high. In most cases, the crater can not be seen through the window of the plane. It's fun to think no one until now: "Hello, what's the middle circle?" It's a plane, subtle and a sight, if you do not already know it.

Using satellites using a small solar angle, when the hills and valleys are accentuated in the ice layer, you can see the entire crater in the image.

Kjær also explained that the stranger reminded the meteorite of Cape York, about 10,000 years ago, of killing Greenland, which left many iron pieces scattered across the same region as Glacier. impact event?

The recently published work has not conclude that this is happening, but a series of proofs that have been created by Craters over the last 100,000 years have probably been presented.

The geochemical analysis of the sediments near the Glacier also showed the effect of the processes that influence the iron presence. These include quartz, which is found in the impact zones, and the glass, which is based on the base of the silica, has a high heat effect.

According to age, researchers believe that evidence shows that Greenland was confronted with ice.

It's hard to be wrong now since the end of ice 3 million years ago and 12 thousand years ago. According to Kjær: I think Greenland was covered in ice and, consequently, it melted a large amount of melted water. This melted water will be southwards to be sensitive to the climate system.

They want to know the exact date of the impact

However, they are currently trying to drill through ice, using the exact date and effect that they have.

A crater as big as the open window. His research raises all kinds of questions, such as the global event of cooling of asteroids or influencing the ancient populations of human influences.

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