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The currency crisis has eliminated everything and marked prices

The dollar ended the last week of the year for $ 38.84 in retail sales, which meant that a jump of more than 105% was closed year-on-year, the highest end of convertibility, currency crisis, shaking all economic variables and analyzing Mauricio Macri's government.

The currency in North America returns at 56 cents on Friday and placed below $ 39 after eight sessions. Close $ 36.90 for purchase and $ 38.84 for retail sale.

In wholesale accounting, where banks and large companies work, the currency has been $ 37.7 At 60 days, compared to the previous day.

"Over the course of the month, the wholesale dollar has dropped by two cents in November, and at the end of December 2016 at 18,951. Gustavo Quintana, the operator of the exchange.

Friday pulled back the dollar's dramatic annual balance and the devaluation of weight exceeded 51 percent.

In May, the pre-crisis situation of the monetary crisis in the agricultural sector of the export sector was due to drought in response to domestic demand. The dollar raised the doubts about the strength of the Argentine economy and increased with the tupini from the outside front, a rise in the middle of the commercial war United States and China.

This currency in North America accelerated the inflationary race and led to a domino effect, which led to PPP interruptions to public jobs.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) and wants to close the jump with more than 45 years of age. The dimension of Arazoren was named by Mauricio Macri, who decided to deepen his adjustment and go to a mega loan. The $ 57,100 billion dollar $ 57,100 million of the $ 57,100 billion dollar tax filed by prosecutors until at least 2019.

Besides, The crisis was taken by two Central Bank presidents: Federico Sturzenegger, On June 14 he resigned after the crash, and Luis Caputo, In September, he left the leadership of the monetary authority before signing a new agreement with the IMF.

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